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Parents' Social 

Lina Lane’s Learning Center offers a monthly Parents Social. The program “Doughnuts for Dads & Muffins for Moms” allows parents some dedicated time to socialize and cross pollinate ideas regarding the development of the Learning Center and enhancing the experience of their children. Parents and Providers work collaboratively to ensure that the children are receiving the best care possible.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a bi-annual initiative whereby parents confer and submit recommendations on those items or programs that they would like to see implemented. This is a proactive, non-intrusive forum which allows input from all parties vested in the development of the children.


Maximizing the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of each child is one of the many educational goal of Lina Lane’s Learning Center. To that end, I use the "Ages & Stages Questionnaire" (ASQ) on a quarterly basis. This tool provides a quick ‘snap shot’ of where each child stands developmentally so that I can employ a personalize development plan which ensures that all activities are tailored to giving each student the best educational advantages possible.