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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Philosophy of Play

The activity of “play” is central to the healthy development of children.

As such, “play” should be continuous, unrestrained, and grounded in an environment where LEARNING and LAUGHTER come together.


Lina Lane

Lina 2020 A17.jpg

Learning Strategy Statement

The Lesson Plan employed at Lina Lane’s Learning Center is specifically designed to be open-ended and allows for unrestricted growth and development. Because of its design, my curriculum ensures that the learning goals are clear, shared by all, and that the children are actively engaged at all times. Moreover, since my curriculum is based on the principles of GELDS, it is clearly evidence-based and, as a result, the valued content is learned through investigation, focus, and intentional teaching. The curriculum is comprehensive, updated weekly and inherently (as well as deliberately) builds on prior learning and experiences. Professional Standards at the core of the GELDS strategy validates the curriculum's subject-matter content. Given its comprehensive and unrestricted nature, this curriculum is performance-focused and purpose driven to benefit children.


The Georgia Early Learning & Development Standards (GELDS) provide a framework from which to organize, plan, and deliver quality training on a consistent basis with a visualized end-state. Lina Lane’s Learning Center incorporates the advantages of GELDS with established US National Standards and Core Competencies (CDC / BFTS Training) developed from International Experience, comprehensive studies, personal research and extensive investigative travels. All of these elements contribute to the quality of training and ultimate success of the exceptional student.

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